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Options Galore…
We can help break it down.

Not only are we great technicians, we also are very creative in what we do. We can help break down the technology into what makes sense for you and your project.

Would you consider yourself an audiophile or simply just want some background music wherever you go?  We cater to all options and can create a very easy to use system where you can get to the music you want to hear when you want to hear it.

  • Whole Home Audio – different music in different rooms or party mode where it is all the same.
  • Wireless Streaming – for those hard to wire areas, there are many great options for music wherever you want it.
  • Surround – We are up on the latest technologies and can steer you to the right products for your application.  There are some amazing solutions in this space right now.

Car Audio

Thunder AV is also able to help with a multitude of car audio options.  Please contact us for assistance.


Video can take on many sizes and room, dedicated theater, outdoor patio, outdoor big screen, Master Suite?  We can help you in the largest or smallest projects to get the right fit and help “future proof” your purchase.

  • Video Distribution – This is where we decide on a central location to house all of the equipment and then distribute your video throughout your home.  It has the least amount of clutter and provides the most options for all of your displays.
  • Singe Room Solution – We can help you to select the right choice for your display and then the right mount to make it look amazing.  We are neat freaks and have done some pretty amazing things to conceal the wiring!
  • Dedicated Theater – Utilizing some great partnerships, we have been able to provide some amazing projects for our customers to give a true movie experience in your home.  You will never want to go out again!
  • Video Walls – When you want to be over-stimulated on game day, our video walls with multiple screens are the ticket.  Based on the size, we can incorporate them all into one image or break apart to multiple games at once.  A definite show-stopper!

Automation is where it all ties together to make it a seamless experience.  Utilizing different partners for different scenarios, we are able to help you get to a really easy to operate system that is easy to duplicate from room to room.  One remote to run it all or one mobile device to run it while you are away from home.  The options here are really limitless and this is truly where our creativity shines.

  • Automated Lighting
  • HVAC Control
  • TVs, Projectors, A/V Equipment
  • Shades Indoor and Outdoor
  • Pools and Spas
  • Water/Heat Sensors
  • To Name a Few….

Starter Packages Available

You can grow your system as large as you want…when you want.
On Budget…On Time…And On Call

We understand budgets and timelines.  Whether you are in the building process, remodel or simply want an upgrade, we will work with your builder, architect, designer and many other trades to help coordinate the project and ensure we are on budget and complete our work as expected.  As many of our customers say, we don’t stop there.  We are committed to customer satisfaction and will continue to help when and if the need arises.

Our Passion

Our passion is to help you have an outstanding experience through all phases of design, implementation, completion and beyond.  We love technology and are excited to share the possibilities of how it can help make life easier, safer and more enjoyable to you.

Let us know how we can help!